Saturday, April 2, 2016

Predestination is of GOD, Predestinarianism is of the Devil


Can you say if you will be saved 100% for sure? If yes, then the warning of Christ to be "always ready" (Luke 12:40) are of no use. Who cares when the Lord comes if I know 100% to be saved? And also the Final Judgement is of no use for the self-claiming 100% saved. You are already judged when you are saved in this perspective. 

Well, if I am not permitted to know "when the Lord will come", in order to not allow myself to  be ready just the day before (in the greatest hypocrisy), I can well think to bypass this problem, declaring myself "100% predestinated to salvation". Who cares then about the hour X ???

Therefore GOD really knows everything and causes everything to happen, the salvation/eternal-damnation of everyone, even this post and its errors. But we are NOT God and therefore we cannot say what only God can say, we cannot attribute to us His features. We are created by Him, not creators. 
Many Predestinarianists will end in the Lake of Fire after having been 100% sure in their earthly life about their "predestination to heaven". And many free-willers will be confirmed at the Judgement Day in being adopted by GOD through Jesus Christ. I say this because in many cases I perceived the arguments of Predestinarianism  as a curtain to hide a great lack of love and empathy for the neighbor. Nazis for example believed to be "predestinated to rule the human race". To be Predestinarian is an easy way to bypass the neighbor and to hide a proper incapability to feel love: 

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
1 Corinthians 13:1

With the most of probability, Predestinarianism has been developed by mind deeply affected by the Catholic theology, and with such lenses the simple, pure Christian doctrine of Vaudoises was interpreted, deforming it following wrong mind schemes printed in the minds of scholars coming from decades of Catholic brainwash. Calvin was one of them, as much Luther who grasped the Only Faith in Only Jesus doctrine from the "anabaptists" i.e. Vaudoises and Bogomils. They grasped the pure Gospel of the Vaudoises (and Bogomils, and etc.) to then transform it in a dead cold gear wheel of their theological machinations.

Vaudoises were NOT "Calvinists". At the opposite, Calvin and Luther were the good-willing embalmer of their Apostolic living doctrine.  

Because [edited later].....:
 ...whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.
Matthew, 23:12.
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  1. i think beauty and poetry are the living doctrine of your vaudoise faith, and it is a miracle for us to read where the last true crusaders dare fighting in these dark days, thank you for this post

    1. Thank you for your appreciation, but I cannot be a Vaudoise (or Bogomil, Albigenses, Donatist, etc), because I am "born out of due time" (see Paul's Gospel).
      Vaudoises (Bogomils etc.) had a timer from Above, from GOD, exactly 1260 years.
      See picture of the upgrade:


    2. "the last true crusaders"

      Christians are not Crusaders, the Crusaders are the ones who are using an attorney of Davao city to try to destroy more than the life, the faith of me and of my wife.