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Orphans & kids, the Great Pedophile Businnes of the Catholic church at the basis of pope Francis "welcoming the immigration" politic?


Above image - the Jesuit pope and his Greek orthodox colleague, welcoming this month in the Island of Lesbo (Greece) what could be perhaps termed as "the Greatest Pedophile Businness of the 21st century", thousands of orphans from theaters of war, at disposition of Catholic clergymen, of their Orthodox colleague, and of course of their secular minions.

"" [From Il Mattino online, 04/30/2016]
....He raped her, she gave kicks. I heard her scream. " There were no adults, those who knew and did not speak, to help the investigators to shed light on 'killing of just six years old Fortuna Loffredo, launched into space from the eighth floor of the building where he was staying, June 24, 2014.(.........)The investigation revealed then the social context in Parco Verde [Green Park] similar to a real horror picture: in addition to Caputo, in the course of the investigation into the death of the small Fortuna, the investigators found that four other children of the same building had been victims of violence, so that between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 another couple of tenants was over to arrest for pedophilia; among these figured Salvatore Mucci, who first rescued Fortuna after the flight of eight floors. Alongside that of Fortuna there is a similar story, that of Anthony Giglio, the three-year old baby child of the companion of arrested man, who, in 2013, suffered the same as Fortuna: died after a flight in the vacuum of tens of meters. The two incidents were not connected at the time, but there may be developments in the coming weeks."

Title: ""So they killed Chicca". The girlfriend of Fortuna reveals details of death" 

Take note where is located the "pedophile district",  is a degraded district of the city of Napoli/Neaples, where the cult of Padre Pio is overwhelming (I noticed in the tv-news interview with the woman whose kid was assassinated, a statue of Padre Pio in her back). Padre Pio's figure has substituted (= anti-Christ) the one of Jesus Christ our Lord:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Padre Pio, the way of the Anti-Christ [persecutions for Christians in Italy]

 *   *   *

The other week a person told me an episode of the journalist investigative format "Quinta Colonna" (Fifth Column). Matteo Salvini, the leader of Lega Nord party, entered in a gipsy's camp, striving with the gipsies. A woman answered to him ("Auschwitz" is not meant of course as pleasant tourism in Poland, but as allegory of pure extermination): "You can take us and put on train and bring us to Auschwitz, and destroy our camp, but then you must also destroy that church (Catholic one) and to bring those priests to Auschwitz too, because also the priests want our presence here in the camp because the priests then can rape many of our kids".

Unfortunately in vain I searched the web to see if that episode could have been downloaded in Youtube or other web platform. No trace.

The same person who told me about that tv-report, in the childhood was raised by the nuns, and told me that many females once abandoned that Catholic institution, became prostitutes as form of reaction and revenge for the harassment suffered by the nuns. Even if not accustomed with conspiracy theories etc., that person - who knows very well the Satanic mind of the Catholic clergy being a victim of nuns  - told me that is convinced that the first reason for which the Catholic church wants and protect the immigration "invasion", is due to the fact that then the Catholic clergy can have at disposition thousands of orphans who have no one to defend and protect them and the Catholic priests, bishops, popes, cardinals, friars, etc. can rape them without any problem. 
Of course i agree with that person 200% [that person too is persecuted through Stasi Zersetzung]:

Monday, February 29, 2016
Italy, the Sodomite adoption and the Asteroid of GOD: how to end the incoming Holocaust of Children

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Meteor over Scotland [video]


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