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Flags for the enlargement 2 - Five years later: Catho-Orthodox empire of the Antichrist

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As posted in a comment by the Finnish blogger, it comes with a right timing another article of Craig Oxley based on the "Venetian conspiracy theory". He the same  is telling you that he is defending the Vatican:

 "Karen Hudes continues to play out the Venetian created Reformation game in order to divert all the attention onto the Vatican and not the far bigger picture all these people seem to be protecting either by knowing or unknowing their actions. The root ills of Europe come from Venetian and Synagogue of Satan sources not the Vatican which is nothing more than a hollowed out shell eaten by these very Satanists."

  Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind forum plays the same trick of the Jesuits, they thousands of times played in history, putting down the role and image of the Vatican, changing labels and words in order to make appear the same characters as third persons. His article clearly shows his anti-Christian stance and complete opposition to the word of God:

" I must make it clear that there were so-called Catholic elements to the assassination of Lincoln but these weren’t true Christian Church members but instead Venetian agents masquerading as the Church."

Therefore "the Catholic church is a true Christian church".  Craig Oxley - a well known holocaust denier -  is further helping the Catholic church and the Orthodox one in to hide the Greatest Holocaust of  Christians from Constantine to the Modern age, where millions of Vaudoises, Donatists, Cathars, Albigenses, Paulicians, Bogomils, Anabaptists and many others were murdered by the Catho-Orthodox Antichrist openly, fulfilling the revelation of Jesus Christ our Lord in the book of Revelation (the martyrs of Jesus and cup of the Whore filled with the blood of saints). Just when Catholicism is going to conquer lands and hearts from Ireland to Vladivostok, the minds must be deceived about what is happening. 

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31 July it  is the feast of Loyola (as already exposed in a post of ABE blog):

Catho-Orthodox unification in further steps in Slovenia. Putin will visit an Orthodox shrine in the middle of a Catholic land next July, on the Jesuit day feast:

Putin Pahor confirmed he will attend the ceremony on VrsicLjubljana, 04.26.2016, 19:29 | STA
Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Pahor confirmed he will attend the ceremony on Vrsic. The visit should be devoted exclusively to pity and tradition of the 100th anniversary of the Russian chapel, without any protocol or political meetings. President to lunch together, something more, however, to avoid political complications, it is not intended.President Borut Pahor, today in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has accepted an invitation to a ceremony at the Russian Chapel on 31 July. As told STA in the President's Office, the conversation was long and honest dedication are mainly details of the program and Putin visit to the Vrsic.Minister Putin's invitation to attend the ceremony at the Russian Chapel sent on 14 March. It is recognized that both Putin some "different views", but this is only a "further [step to] promote the need for dialogue." "I believe that we are the leaders of nations and states are called to do their best to contribute to mutual respect and understanding, to strengthen international peace and security. [read: the political agenda as troy horse for the religious unification of the  Whore with her lesser sister in the East.  Creating Islamic terrorism to constrain with the knife of the violence at the throat of not Catholic and not Orthodox Christians, to the "dialogue" a.k.a. total submission to the Catho-Orthodox Antichrist]

On some important issues we have different views. This further promotes the need for dialogue. In addition to cultivating traditions and piety I also see in this the importance of your participation in commemorative ceremonies and our meeting, "the invitation of his Russian counterpart wrote the slovenian President.

He also recalled that this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the tragic event, when the First World War, the Russian POWs who built the road over the Vršič Pass, caught in an avalanche. On this sad place now stands the Russian Chapel and every year there "in the middle of summer is collected Slovenians and Russians, to pay tribute to the victims of the tragedy." Through the decades it grew into "an annual symbolic act that carries a message about the importance of peace and respect and understanding between peoples," wrote Minister.etc. etc. etc.

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