Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Remember, Moses at 80 years old, had to climb that mountain several times!"

".......Menashe Har-el makes a solid case for Jebel Sin Bishar being the real Mt. Sinai. He points out that Jebel Sin Bishar is the only mountain in the Sinai Peninsula that preserves the toponym "Sinai" in the word "Sin" (Har-el 1983:421). He states that "the meaning of Sin Bisher is the reporting of the Law, or Laws of man. This name hints at the Giving of the Law" (ibid). Josephus says that Mt. Sinai is the highest mountain in that area (Antiquities 2:264, 3:75,76; LCL 4:279, 355). While "Jebel sin Bishar is only 618 meters above sea level, it is the most prominent of its surrounding" (ibid). Remember, Moses at 80 years old, had to climb that mountain several times!........."

The work of Satan to demolish the Bible continues with un-believers who are exposing themselves. If you don't believe in God and therefore in the power of GOD, why you should believe that an Exodus happened if not to to try to destroy the evidence of the hand of God in it?

If Moses was a liar, why he had to climb even the least mountain? therefore why we must find a small mountain to imagine what Moses (in the hypothesis he was a liar) never did? Luther once said a great thing, under the inspiration of the 1Corinthians: the rationality is the prostitute of Satan. 


Top ten list of reasons that hindered the discovery of the true exodus route:
  1. The attitude, "what does it matter". You will never discover that which you felt was not important to search for. On the other hand, when the infallible Pope proclaims that Mt. Musa in the central Sinai Peninsula is Mt. Sinai, good Catholics just blindly accept this and never look elsewhere. In fact it does matter. All the wildernesses (Shur, Paran, Zin, Sinai) are completely wrong in the maps in the back of our Bibles. Teaching a false version of geography is just as bad as teaching a false version of history. Truth is why it matters! We are to be seekers of truth. We need to put an end to blind dogma and willful ignorance.
Click to ViewProving the Exodus route from the Bible!
Click to ViewDate of the Exodus is 1446 BC. The Pharaoh of the Exodus: Tuthmosis III (1479 - 1425 BC)
Click to ViewMiracles of the Exodus and Red Sea Crossing
Click to ViewTravel times, distances, days of the week
Click to View2.5 Million! Population of the Exodus Jews who left Egypt.
Click to ViewExcluding various exodus routes: Bitter lakes, Gulf of Suez, Mt. Musa, Ein el-Qudeirat, Mt. Karkom, Lake Sirbonis, Lake Ballah, Nuweiba Beach.
Quote of the End (same URL as top quote):

"Is the location of the Red Sea Crossing important for Bible believers? One commentary on the book of Exodus observes, "The exact place of Israel's crossing of the Red Sea has no direct theological importance" (Cole 1973:44). McQuitty points out, "In the form of the statement Mr. Cole is correct, geography normally impinges very little upon theology. However, how one determines the geography of the Bible may speak volumes concerning one's theology" (1986:2)."

No Mr McQuitty, it has a terrible "theological" (as love to say the un-believers) importance. It matters because it is a proof that GOD DIDN'T AND DOES NOT LIE.
It is not a "cult of a location", a "cult of rocks and ruins". Is the cult of the WORD OF GOD every true Christian should have. And not walk in the "vanity of their minds" as the Gentile Evolutionist Scientists love to do.

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