Thursday, July 30, 2015

Acts, 8:37 on T-shirt

Following Mark, 16:15 and due to the fact that the verbal communication is difficult if not quite impossible (very fast degenerating also in open hostility with some local inhabitants) it  is worth to wear such a shirt, here, in Italy, and especially in the city of Trieste. Many people, too much people, when they realize it deals not with the usual shocking shirt with skulls, ideological symbols, satanism, foul language slogans filled with anatomical parts of the body or sexual/alcoholic references, or philosophical/poetical/intellectual concepts, they stare at you and laugh at you. 
You (of course not only in my city, a little everywhere in the Western "Christian" world), can wear satanist/soft porno T-shirts, you can be filled with tattoo, earrings, and every kind of extravagant clothes, it all OK,  "you are one of our herd", but if you wear a shirt like this one, you are the classical black, pardon, white sheep:

1) Front:

(Greek word)

2) Back:

[in order] to be 
you must
Acts, 8:37

To do the Baptism T-shirt, I paid less than 4 euro for an underwear T-shirt (underwear is resistant and light to wear), and 18 euro for the work of printing in a local stationery.
The difficult of the use of the Italian language is that it requires often more words for a concept, not like the English language. It a work of compromise, but at least I have a true alibi which are the physical narrow boundaries of a clothes.

Next I' ll post other Biblical T-shirts I created, following the example of the large choice you have in US market:

I picked up the image on the T-shirt here:

...... in an expired blog:

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